A smaller, self-contained part of a larger entity. Often refers to a manufactured object that is part of a larger device. A CPU is a component of a computer.


  • Direct API calls from inside our framework
  • Embed component in your HTML using <MTK-Component> tag
  • Pull components directly from Cloud Servers
  • Browser compatibility built into components
  • Attention to Component detail isolates code from possible collisions
  • Write less code and use real components. It used to be that way ...

What is your definition?

From these few lines ...

To this ...

Charting with this little API ...

Switch from HighCharts to MelsChart with our -use flag

To this nice chart

Pull from your Database ....

To this 'Responsive' table

Sky is the limit

Write less, be productive thingy ...

Every 1000 lines of code you don't write, is a 1000 lines you will not have to manage. Get productive with a few pople and help with in-sourcing

Write a few lines instead of 1000s. Pick and choose what you want. Play in our sandbox and maximize your widget

Your custom widgets built and delivered it to your door step and guarantee browser compatibility fast and efficient and responsive to the core

And you will not get it from Google or Yahoo. We stay clean and separate from your environment and yet integrated

request your free component

And a Sandbox to play in ...

  • 100s of components to choose from
  • Dynamic environment. What You see is What you Get (WYSIWYG)
  • Customize your component in the sandbox and use it to your page
  • Consistent APIs for all components. Learn one and you are done